Tennessee's Most Trusted Gold Buyer

What kind of items do you buy?

  • broken, bent, or twisted jewelry
  • unwanted jewelry
  • old scrap gold
  • coins
  • bullion
  • gold watches, Rolex watches, etc.
  • broken, bent, or twisted jewelry
  • unwanted jewelry
  • flatware (flatware adds up faster in value--knives, forks, & spoons; serving pieces)
  • silver objects such as candlesticks
  • coins (old, collector, high silver content)

Platinum and all other precious metals

Diamond's - small large any size or shape

Rolex, Tag Heuer, watches, Tiffany pieces etc.

I have seen commercials on TV about mailing gold in or taking it to a hotel room and selling it on the week-end. I don't feel comfortable doing that. Am I right?

Yes, you are right. Common sense tells you that it's a much better idea to do business with someone across the table who shakes your hand and has been doing business in your community for decades, like Cashville Gold & Silver Buyers, than to mail off your valuables to an address that you have no connection to or way to get to. Also, it makes more sense to do business with native Nashvillians who live and work in your community than a company that you know nothing about, and who will disappear in a day or two. We are your neighbors who were born here in Nashville and go back three generations. You know exactly where we are and that we work with you across a desk in our offices.

I have some silver pieces and gold jewelry that I haven't used in years.... It looks tarnished and awful. Do I need to clean it up before I bring it in to sell it?

No. We buy the items for the silver and gold content. It would be a waste of your time to polish and clean your items. We buy them to be recycled.